Getting a new laptop is always an exciting experience, but there is one aspect that I always hate; that would be uninstalling all the bloatware that comes the system. Why can’t laptop manufacturers just give me a clean laptop and let me install the applications that I want and will use? Instead I get a bunch of programs and trial software that I’ll never use and that bog down my system resources. What a waste of my time when I need to get rid of such garbage and declutter my desktop space.

Fortunately with Toshiba laptops that’s not the case. Pre-installed software is kept at a minimal and is not very intrusive to the performance of the system. You’ll also get your complementary suite of utilities and tools, which does come in handy every so now and then.

If you’re an everyday computer user, consider checking out Toshiba’s Satellite line. There is a large selection of models. From prebuilt ones to customizable ones and from 14″ to 17.3″ displays. Lots of machines to choose from and lots of configurations to go with.

Toshiba doesn’t ship the P855 with much in the way of bloatware. Our review unit arrived with absolutely no desktop icons besides the Recycle Bin and only a handful of Toshiba utilities. Norton Internet Security was installed as a trial, however, and prompted us with pop-ups a number of times.
Many of the Toshiba utilities have some use. Eco Mode, though often impractical, does extend battery life well past what’s possible with the normal Windows power-saving profile. There’s also a shock detector that halts hard drive use when the laptop is jostled, and a switch that lets the user turn off power to the optical drive when it’s not needed.

We think Toshiba ties Lenovo for the best mix of useful software and a minimum of annoying bloatware. Acer, Asus, Dell and HP are all far behind.

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