Lenovo has designed a new cable system that intends to consolidate the mass of cables and wires that many laptop computer users have to deal with.  In essence, a single cable can handle audio, video, power, networking and etc.  The cable is called OneLink and it connects to a dock called the OneLink Dock.

The OneLink cable system will debut first on select Lenovo ThinkPad Edge models before moving to other Lenovo laptops.

Lenovo OneLink is a single connection that promises to “connect and deliver power to everything” and if successful, can reduce cable clutter and simplify connections for consumers and business users that want a laptop as their primary machine with a dockable workstation option for when you are at home or the office. The capability for OneLink to not only act as the conduit for video, audio, networking, storage and more but also charge your laptop and power those other accessories would be impressive and surpasses Thunderbolt in many ways. We don’t yet know the actual data rate of OneLink so TB may still have an advantage there.

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