Once again, another favorable review for the IdeaPad Yoga, this time from Laptop Magazine. With solid performance and a form factor that does its best to maintain the traditional clam shell design, the Yoga 13 is one of the best options out there for those interested in a hybrid convertible.

Of course there are plenty of other tablet/laptops out there, such as the Dell XPS 12, which this article mentions, but they’re all weird and a bit funky in design. The Dell XPS 12 uses a weird rotating touch display when switching between tablet and laptop modes. Do a YouTube search and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Very awkward and unnatural movement if you ask me.

The general overview of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is given here below in this snippet:

The IdeaPad Yoga is an able contortionist, blurring the line between laptop and tablet, while enabling users to explore the full capabilities of Windows 8. The soft-touch design, comfortable keyboard and swift performance also impresss. Those willing to spend $200 more may prefer the Dell XPS 12, which sports a brighter and higher-res 1080p screen and whose design makes it easier to switch from notebook to tablet mode. However, the Yoga’s more versatile design lets you use this device in more ways, and it lasts longer on a charge. Plus, the price of this touch converible undercuts the competition. With the Yoga, Lenovo has succesffully stretched our idea of what a notebook can be and what it can do.

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