Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is a thing of beauty. It’s minimalist design is clean and elegant, much like what you would find on a MacBook Air.  Because the ThinkPad X1 is an ultrabook, you’ll be able to easily carry around this system because it’s both thin and light.  You’ll also be able to enjoy fairly good battery life.  Watch this video review on the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch and see what features you’ll be getting when you get this laptop.

With lid closed the top of the chassis is a uniform sheet of black with just a Lenovo logo bottom right, and a ThinkPad badge bottom right – the dot of the i in ThinkPad glows red when your laptop is working.

Open up and the design is similarly minimalist. The well-sized scrabble-tile keyboard is black out of black – the keys a slightly more shiny black than the carbon body.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch lid folds back so the laptop sits flat on the desk.

We really like the keyboard. As with other Lenovo keyboards the bottom of the scrabble tile keys is curved, giving you extra space when typing. And the size is good anyway.

The trackpad is smooth, responsive, and well sized.

The ThinkPad is constructed of carbon fibre, the finish feeling strokably smooth to the touch but not picking up fingerprints. With the lid folded down the Carbon Touch is almost MacBook Air-like in its slim profile.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Video Review – Impressive Touchscreen Ultrabook

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