Lenovo is bringing back some of its manufacturing to the U.S. Good for them. In a era when the most computer companies are focused on cost-down processes and on outsourcing manufacturing to facilities in Asia, it’s refreshing to see that Lenovo is choosing to invest in the good United States of America.

The start will be small, with the focus on ThinkPad and ThinkCentre laptops and computers, but who knows what more lines this initiative could expand too.

Now let’s see of the other big players such as Dell, HP or even Apple will follow suit. It doesn’t have to be a big transition, but it would be nice to see these companies at least try.

IBM offloaded its computer business to China-based Lenovo in 2005. This brought harsh criticism upon IBM, a shining example of American success. But soon Lenovo will be able to advertise something long forgotten by American computer companies Dell and HP. Lenovo plans to open up an assembly facility in North Carolina, thus becoming the first major computer company to build computers on American soil in a generation.

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