You don’t have to wait until Black Friday in order to take advantage of great deals. Lenovo is offering Early Bird Savings on popular Essential and IdeaPad laptops. Save on select models by using the coupon code GIFTIDEAS. Simply punch the code in right before you check out of your online shopping cart and finalize your sale and the discount will automatically kick in. These laptops are perfect gifts for the holiday season.

Check out some recently new and debuted systems such as the IdeaPad Z500, IdeaPad Y500, Yoga 13 and IdeaPad U510 laptops.

Top Essential & IdeaPad Sale Items:

  • $350.00 off IdeaPad Y500: 95412ZU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $550.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 209945U Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $500.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 2093B7U Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $430.00 off IdeaPad Y400: 95232FU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $350.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768GU Laptop (Thin, Light, Stylish)
  • $500.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25646CU Desktop (Stylish All-in-One)
  • $720.00 off Essential G780: 21829TU Laptop (Entry-Level Reliability)
  • $270.00 off Essential G780: 21829UU Laptop (Entry-Level Reliability)

New Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons

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Current Special Offers For: Essential Laptops 

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Discounted Models List This Week:
$150.00 off IdeaPad Z500: 593124U, $170.00 off IdeaPad Z500: 593127U, $350.00 off IdeaPad Y500: 95412ZU, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343897, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343898, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343899, $250.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 59359510,$400.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994NU, $300.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 59359513, $550.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 209945U, $450.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20998NU, $350.00 off IdeaPad Y500: 954135U, $250.00 off IdeaPad Y500: 95412SU, $500.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 2093B7U, $430.00 off IdeaPad Y400: 95232FU, $270.00 off IdeaPad U510: 49412MU, $80.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768EU, $80.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768DU, $300.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768FU, $350.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768GU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768AU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768BU, $200.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BJU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BHU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BGU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375B9U, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BAU, $230.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 215168U, $230.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 215167U, $150.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 21484CU, $130.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 21484AU, $170.00 off IdeaPad Z380: 212948U, $400.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25647CU, $500.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25646CU$380.00 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631CU, $400.00 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631BU, $200.00 off IdeaCentre K430: 31092SU, $200.00 off IdeaCentre K430: 31092XU, $120.00 off IdeaCentre Q180: 31102DU, $200.00 off Essential H520s: 47461DU, $720.00 off Essential G780: 21829TU, $300.00 off Essential G780: 21829RU, $270.00 off Essential G780: 21829UU, $180.00 off Essential G580: 59354099, $180.00 off Essential G580: 59354100, $200.00 off Essential G480: 218422U