It’s November and the holidays will soon be just right around the corner. Everyone knows there are some good deals to be had towards the end of the month. Black Friday deals are some of the best in the year.

Get a head start on early Lenovo special offers. New Windows 8 laptops are out and several are on sale. Promotions are also running on Windows 7 laptops. Save up to 40% on IdeaPad and Essential laptops and desktops.

Check out IdeaPad Yoga 13 and ThinkPad Twist. These are Lenovo’s new Windows 8 Convertible Tablet PCs. Enjoy both tablet computing and traditional laptop computing in one form factor.

This week’s special offers run from 11/1 to 11/7. Free shipping on laptop orders. Click on a product category coupon below to activate your savings. Use EARLYDEALS to redeem discounts on most models.

Top Essential & IdeaPad Sale Items:

  • $400.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994NU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $500.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 20938TU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343899 Laptop (Multi-mode Ultrabooks)
  • $550.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762YU Laptop (Thin, Light, Stylish)
  • $200.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BJU Laptop (Thin, Light, Stylish)
  • $200.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 215168U Laptop (Affordable Entertainment)
  • $500.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25646CU Desktop (Stylish All-in-One)
  • $400.00 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631BU Desktop (Multimedia Powerhouse)

New Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons

Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Essential Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: IdeaCentre Desktops 


Discounted Models List This Week:
$400.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994NU, $400.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994LU, $400.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20998NU, $400.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994RU, $250.00 off IdeaPad Y570: 08622VU, $500.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 20938TU, $450.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 2093B7U, $570.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 20938RU, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343899, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343898, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343897, $120.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768FU, $50.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768EU, $50.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768DU, $320.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762JU, $550.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762YU, $200.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BJU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BHU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BGU, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375B9U, $150.00 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BAU, $600.00 off IdeaPad U300s: 108029U, $200.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 215168U, $230.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 215167U, $170.00 off IdeaPad Z500: 593127U, $130.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 21484AU, $130.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 21484BU, $170.00 off IdeaPad Z380: 212948U, $170.00 off IdeaPad Z380: 212945U, $270.00 off Essential G780: 21829TU, $180.00 off Essential G580: 59354099, $400.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25647CU, $350.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25645CU, $500.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25646CU, $380.00 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631CU, $400.00 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631BU, $300.00 off IdeaCentre B320: 77603EU, $300.00 off IdeaCentre B540: 25682DU, $250.00 off IdeaCentre B540: 25681RU