Windows 8 will soon be released, and PC vendors are gearing up their product lineups with new models for this launch. Lenovo has several new systems coming out, including the IdeaPad Yoga and ThinkPad Twist. Check out the specs on these two machines and you’ll be amazed.

To make room for for these new systems, Lenovo has discounted several laptops in order to clear some inventory. Choose from popular Essential and IdeaPad laptops. Configure different models and have systems shipped to you in no time.

Take advantage of these special offers now. This week’s promotions run for a week and expire on 10/31. Most of these deals use the coupon code 7DAYSOFDEALS. Click on one of the coupon images to unlock savings.

Top Essential & IdeaPad Discounts:

  • $500.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994MU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $550.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 20938RU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $500.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762YU Laptop (Thin, Light, Stylish)
  • $420.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 21514FU Laptop (Affordable Entertainment)
  • $230.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 21483EU Laptop (Affordable Entertainment)
  • $400.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25647CU Desktop (Stylish All-in-One)
  • $220.00 off Essential C325: 30957BU Desktop (Budget Friendly All-in-Ones)

New Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons

Current Special Offers For: ThinkPad Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Essential Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: IdeaCentre Desktops 


Discounted Models List This Week:
IdeaPad Y580: 20994NU, IdeaPad Y580: 20994PU, IdeaPad Y580: 20994MU, IdeaPad Y570: 08622VU, IdeaPad Y480: 20938RU, IdeaPad Y480: 20938TU, IdeaPad U410: 43762JU, IdeaPad U410: 43762HU, IdeaPad U410: 43762YU, IdeaPad U400: 09933LU, IdeaPad U400: 09933JU,IdeaPad U310: 437526U, IdeaPad U310: 43752UU, IdeaPad Z580: 21514FU, IdeaPad Z580: 21514DU,IdeaPad Z580: 21513LU, IdeaPad Z480: 21483EU, IdeaPad Z480: 21483HU, IdeaPad Z380: 21293DU, IdeaPad Z380: 21293JU, IdeaPad Z380: 21293HU, IdeaCentre A720: 25647CU, IdeaCentre A720: 25645CU, IdeaCentre A720: 25646CU, IdeaCentre B540p: 33631CU, IdeaCentre B540p: 33631DU, IdeaCentre K430: 31092SU, IdeaCentre K430: 31092XU, Essential C325: 30957BU, Essential C325: 30958BU