Lenovo IdeaPad U410 – A Good Student Laptop

School is starting and many of you might be looking for a laptop.  Many Back-to-School Deals are still available.  There are some great ones from Lenovo.  Special offers from Lenovo are updated every week on Thursdays.

One system to consider is the IdeaPad U410.  PCWorld recently did a pretty thorough review on this laptop.  This U Series ultrabook is designed specifically to be thin and light.  It's easy to carry around like to classes and to coffee shops.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad U410 does a good job of being useful in most situations, if you aren’t looking to do some hardcore gaming or DVD/CD burning. It’s hard to complain about the little things when this system shows such a vast improvement over the Lenovo ThinkPad U310 but manages to be the same price.

For students who must keep a budget in mind but aren’t willing to sacrifice too much power in their laptop, this is probably the perfect option. If you're looking for a laptop for back-to-school that's not too pricey, the Lenovo U410 is worth a close look….

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