The ThinkPad brand has always been recognized as reliable among business and enterprise computer users. When the product line was acquired in 2005 by Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, many had their doubts whether the trusted ThinkPad reputation could continue.

Fast forward six years and we see things are still good. Lenovo has invested a lot to winning over skeptics. Recently the company even decided to start manufacturing ThinkPad and ThinkCentre computers in the US. Read more about how Lenovo has been able to maintain the high standards expected for the ThinkPad at Lenovo’s Perception Issues

The first challenge, as noted above, is the perception that the acquisition would never work. The attempt to diversify the company involved leadership, strategy and cultural issues. The second challenge is that no Chinese company has ever built a global brand and “in our attempt to do so, more need to learn about us. The third problem,” Shafer reported, “is that not everyone is rooting for Lenovo, as some do not like the fact that a non-U.S. company is potentially going to take the lead in a traditionally U.S. dominated industry.” The fact is that Lenovo has just ignited a U.S. manufacturing program with 115 new jobs in North Carolina.

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