The ThinkPad T Series will soon be getting a new member in the T431s. Available for purchase next month in April, the ThinkPad T431s will highlight a new design, but will still feature many of the traditional components found on ThinkPad branded systems. You’ll see a thinner and lighter laptop. Gone are the optical disc drive and the two click buttons that you typically see. Inside the machine, you’ll find some spec. enhancements.

Besides its new looks, the T431s also has been given some new parts like third-generation Intel processors, up to 12 GB of RAM, and the option to choose between a traditional spinning hard drive (HDD), a solid state drive (SSD), or a hybrid storage system. Though the T431s is designed for corporate use, consumers can also opt to have a fingerprint reader on the side of the keyboard so they can log into their laptops with their fingerprint rather than a password that hackers can crack. Unlike most Ultrabooks, this Lenovo comes with two USB 3.0s ports so you can charge devices even the laptop is turned off, and supports Dolby Home Theater for theater-like sound when you’re kicking back and enjoying a movie. Curiously, the press release says the T431s is “loaded with Windows 7″ but other T-Series laptops offer the option for Windows 8 and even Windows 8 Pro, so you should be able to use the operating system you want with this Ultrabook.

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