There are a lot of new interesting laptop designs out there that will attempting to provide users with the best Windows 8 computing experience.  Some utilize twisting display features and others have pop out keyboards incorporated into the system design.

One of the better machines out there is Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga.  I say this because its design is quite simple and elegant looking.  The touch display flips all the way back so that it lies touching the back of the keyboard.  In essence, it converts to a tablet, with the keyboard automatically turning off through a built in sensor.  Technically, you don’t have to have the display folded all the way back for use, and Lenovo is marketing the laptop with this in mind.  Use it in “Tent” and “Stand” mode, which has the display lid partially folded.

The clean design and the ease with which a user can switch to four different modes makes the IdeaPad Yoga an appealing Windows 8 device.  Others on the market can get complicated with such things as slide out keyboards and props for input devices which just add bulk to whatever form factor is being achieved.

Look at Lenovo’s new Yoga, first unveiled at CES in January, in one of the still shots, and you can’t see much of a difference between it and any other recent IdeaPad ultrabook. The excellent island keyboard and large touch pad are there, and the top hinge opens up like on any other laptop. Except, in the case of the Yoga, it keeps bending, all the way around. There’s no swivel or detachable design, just that all-the-way-around 360-degree hinge. It’s like an extra-flexible swinging door.

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