A new ultrabook is coming and it will be something different from all the other ultrabooks that you’ve seen so far.  Lenovo will be releasing the IdeaPad Yoga 13 around late October of 2012, which will be close to the software release of Windows 8, the next iternation of Microsoft’s Windows franchise.

The IdeaPad Yoga will not only feature this new operating system, which is suppose to be a complete redesign of Windows, having more focus on multi-touch functionality, it will also be highlighted by a reversible screen.  This would make it similar to what we’ve seen before in Tablet PCs, but in the form factor of an ultrabook.  The potential for different uses is interesting, and its possible a good number of people will see it as intriguing to pick one up.

The Yoga comes with a keyboard that folds around almost 360 degrees to hide and transform itself into a tablet. If the Yoga and the mysterious convertible Windows RT tablet are one and the same, it would likely compete directly with Microsoft’s own Surface tablets.

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