The Verge has an excellent review of Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 13 convertible laptop. The article includes a good 3 minute video overview, as well as some nice looking pictures of the product.

There are plenty of Windows 8 Hybrid tablets/ultrabooks out there right now. It seems like everyone is doing their own thing with respect to form factors. Consumers might be quite amazed at some of the designs that they’ll come across.

In this first run of Windows 8 devices, manufacturers are essentially throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. We’ve seen every size, every form factor, every direction and angle of rotation — companies are trying desperately to figure out the best way to take advantage of everything Windows 8 can do.

Lenovo is no different. In fact I think Lenovo has the most selection and variety of Windows 8 Tablet/PCs out there. Consumers can choose what works best for them. Maybe this is part of Lenovo’s strategy; to try all options and to see which design works best.

Even Lenovo’s lineup is all over the place. There’s the Lynx convertible, which transforms from laptop to tablet. The Twist rotates and folds, and looks like the X Series tablets we’ve seen for years. And then there’s the IdeaPad Yoga, perhaps the most enticing of the bunch — we’ve been waiting for this device to come out ever since it was announced at CES back in January. The Yoga’s crazy gimmick is its hinge, which allows the screen to fold all the way back over the keyboard, so you can hold your laptop like a tablet.

I honestly think the IdeaPad Yoga is one of the better Windows 8 machines out there.  The main reason I think this is because the Yoga 13 preserves the basic clam shell design while integrating touch and tablet features.  I bet most people will be wary of the whole new Windows 8 experience already.  They’re going to be even more tentative with experimenting with new form factors.  The IdeaPad Yoga keeps things simple.  The clam shell chassis provides for traditional typing and computing.  Switching the machine to tablet mode is natural and easy.

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