Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 11 is one of the more pleasant Windows 8 convertibles to use. It’s design and implentation of the ultrabook and tablet form factors is one of the best. Compare the Yoga 11 to those made by other PC Vendors, such as the Sony VAIO Duo and the Toshiba Satellite U925t and you’ll see exactly what I mean. No awkward sliding or snapping of components. The traditional clamshell casing is preserved, which is a blessing in disguise because it’s so familiar and comfortable to use.

Open the Yoga 11’s clamshell casing – a fetching orange in my review sample – and it looks just like an ordinary 11.6in laptop, or at least a touchscreen Ultrabook equivalent fashioned from soft-touch plastics and toughened glass. The surprise comes when you keep opening. Where the lid should stop, it just keeps on going, to the extent that it swivels all the way around so that the lid meets the laptop’s base. Your laptop is no longer a laptop, but a tablet, with full multitouch control and a proper tablet look and feel. In between these two positions comes two more; a tent position where the screen faces upside down and outwards while the base acts as a support, and a stand position where the keyboard lies face down with the screen facing outwards. As I said, it’s a flexible device.

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