Lenovo’s IdeaPad product line caters to mainstream consumer-grade computer users.  There are several laptop families within the IdeaPad brand that highlight specific computer usage.  The IdeaPad Y Series focuses on mobile entertainment.  Systems in this grouping are equipped with great multimedia components and features.  If you’re into gaming, the IdeaPad Y500 system is worth considering.  It’s got a large 15.6″ display and is spec’d out pretty nice too.

Performance-wise, this build of the Y500 is very good, though it can’t quite hold its own with the more intense gaming models. It received a score of 70 (out of 100) on our WorldBench 8 benchmark tests, which puts it well above most mainstream laptops, but still below behemoths like the $3785 Origin EON17-SLX (which scored 115 out of 100). Still, this is one of the better laptops we’ve tested, and its graphics performance is comparable to that of the EON17-SLX. In our Dirt Showdown graphics test, the Y500 managed 116.1 frames per second (fps), while the EON17-SLX managed 139.5 fps.

In other words: If you’re a gamer, this is a viable, and much more affordable, alternative to an Origin desktop replacement.

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