Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Horizon is out and available for purchase. This All-in-One Desktop computer was first introduced at the beginning of the year and it features many new and innovative ways of computing. Lenovo calls the Horizon a “Table PC” or an “Interpersonal PC.”

The IdeaCentre Horizon is essentially a big 27″ Tablet PC. It has a touch display, similar to its close predecessor in the IdeaCentre A720, but this machine also has a built in battery, allowing for the device to go mobile. While practically speaking, you wouldn’t lug around the Lenovo Horizon out and about, you could however, bring it along with you in short distances, such as around the house or office.

Some people may be skeptical of this new product category and form factor, simply because off initial glance the IdeaCentre Horizon seems a tab big and inconvenient to go mobile with, but the system really deserves a fair shake and trial. Lenovo has packaged the Horizon with some extremely cool software applications, which make social gaming, sharing, and work collaboration really easy and fun. You definitely have to check out the “Aura Interface” that is built in. Watch the entire product unboxing video here, or jump to the section highlighting the Lenovo “Aura Interface” with the subsequent link.

Product Unboxing

Aura Interface

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