How to use securitas epay

With this new website, it is possible for a business to do a payroll system in a few days or even hours. Unlike before, your payroll officer should have the payroll plan one week in advance. They do this so that the salary gets to you on time.

In addition, because there is paperless pay online, the benefits are immediate. The website is known as it is not for employers only but the employees as well.

How do the employees get to use this system?

You should have the following things in order to access the service.

  1. Your computer should have access to the internet. In addition, your computer should be connected with the intranet of this company. With this connectivity, you are good to go.
  2. For those who work as payroll officers in each company, it is necessary that you have the records of each employee.
  3. For the regular employees, update your information through the paperless pay system. You should ensure that you are on the payroll of your employer. For the temporary employees it is hard to access the services.

How to use securitas epay

  1. Log in to the TALX site of the company using your intranet
  2. Put your employee user ID and your password

III. After getting access into the main site, look for the menu tab. Look out for the stub review, which is on the sub-menu. Select it and you will be able to view all your pay slips over the last few months.

  1. If you need to make any changes in the amount, you can pay or deposit, choose the Direct Deposit Maintenance, which is on the main menu.
  2. The site also has a sub menu where you can update W-4. Each employee has a private access to this site. You provide your address, name, and all your personal tax information.
  3. To review your commissions, reports, schedules, and much more go to ereports.

Every time you log in you need to in put your password and user name. There are security questions, which are mandatory, and you have to answer them. The purpose of doing this is to ensure there is nobody who tries to impersonate you.

Securitas epay is constantly improving its services to ensure that you easily access their services. Today’s problems require today’s solutions. The internet is changing and making advances at a very fast pace, and securitas epay has to keep up with this advancements.

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You need to have all of your information updated on the TALX system.