It’s ThinkPad’s 20th birthday today and Lenovo has put out a variety of past news/marketing prints/videos commemorating the day. You can see them on Lenovo’s Facebook, Flickr and YouTube pages. They’re cool and it’s fun to see how far these machines have come.

Some interesting tidbits that I learned from reading clips throughout various articles talking about this anniversary day.

  • The ThinkPad brand was named after notepads that were given out to IBM employees.  These notepads had the word “Think” on them,
  • NASA uses ThinkPads almost exclusively. It is the only laptop that’s certified for use on the International Space Station.
  • Many ThinkPad models pass MilSpec tests, which certify the laptops for ruggedness.
  • ThinkPads have been used in several movies. A ThinkPad 701 was used in the Bond flick GoldenEye. The same model was used in Blood Diamond by the character played by Jennifer Connelly. A ThinkPad starred in a Transformers movie. The Decepticon “Brain” was a ThinkPad Edge.

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