Now that Windows 8 is out, we’ve all seen by now different types of convertible tablet laptops. There are some that use quite creative designs. Some use a twisting action, others use a flip action, and a handful use a sliding action, to switch from tablet mode to laptop mode.

What most people probably didn’t expect from this next wave of touch computing is an All-in-One mobile desktop. That’s what the Tab 20 is. Made by Sony, the VAIO Tab 20 is essentially a big tablet. It’s a computer at it’s core, with specs that show it, but the system has a built-in battery that allows the computer to be unplugged from the wall outlet.

While the VAIO Tab 20 is indeed mobile, users probably won’t take it very far given its size. Thus the device most likely will be positioned as a family computer to be used at home. Play games, organize family files, watch movies, or learn to draw all on this machine.

With such a big mobile PC, one would wonder if it’s well protected in the event of accidents in the house, such as spills and drops. An Engadget article comments on this, and rest assured there is a level of protection that comes with the computer.

In keeping with that kitchen-friendly, kid-proof theme, Sony’s also billing the display as “drop-resistant” — there’s a rubber seal around the bezel that promises to keep water far, far away from the motherboard. Oh, and though this isn’t exactly a premium desktop, the display at least uses IPS technology, so it’s safe to say you can expect decent viewing angles if you’re crowding around to watch a movie or have the screen lying flat.

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