The new ThinkPad T431s is expected to be available for purchase in April 2013. It builds off of a great selling laptop in the ThinkPad T430. The major differences found between these two machines are that the ThinkPad T431 features a handful of new enhancements.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T431s is both thinner and lighter. Most instances when consumers see the ‘s’ designation appended to the end of a ThinkPad laptop, it means that the system is redesign of a similar model. Gone are the buttons typically found on ThinkPad trackpads and in its place is a single click button, which may or may not turn people off. The bezel around the display has also been reduced, which enlarges the 13.3″ screen to a 14″ one.

The T431s weighs 1.36 kilograms (3 pounds), or 24 percent less than theĀ existing T430s,and it is 20.6 millimeters thick, or 21 percent thinner. It does away with the buttons around the touchpad and has a slightly thinner bezel around the display, and it comes in a lighter shade of black.

With the buttons gone, users now click on areas of a slightly enlarged touchpad to make selections and execute commands. The new ThinkPad still has the little red tracker button in the keyboard, as well as the other main features in existing ThinkPads.

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