How do you know whether or not to go with a Lenovo IdeaPad or ThinkPad branded system? Besides looking at the various system configurations before determining which machine is most suitable for you, keep in mind that the ThinkPad laptop/ultrabook is geared more for business professionals. What does this mean? Generally speaking, ThinkPad solutions have more security features and are built with more durable designs. These two highlights help ThinkPad users keep their work private and help keep their systems protected from the elements.  Things like Intel’s vPro technology and a Mil STD reliability are features that come standard in many ThinkPad systems.

At first sight, you will think that this laptop is overpriced because of its specs and basic features. You must keep on mind that business laptops are more expensive because they are more secure and more durable than the consumer ones. This costs money and when you consider all the things you are getting it you will conclude that it’s really well priced. If you don’t need extra strength and security you’ll need to look somewhere else.

Meet Lenovo ThinkPad T431s – the Laptop for Business People

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