Depending on your computing needs, Windows RT may or may not be the right operating system for you. It seems like Windows RT has thus far failed to live up to its hype, and because of this, Windows RT systems, such as Lenovo’s Yoga 11, are being discounted to move inventory.

There are some great deals to be had. If you’re a casual user, the Yoga 11 might be a suitable device for you. You’re options right now are you can get a Windows RT IdeaPad Yoga 11, go with a Windows 8 powered IdeaPad Yoga 13, or wait until the summer for the Windows 8 Yoga 11s.

Windows RT has been a huge disappointment for hardware makers. Companies like Dell and Lenovo have recently slashed the prices of their RT-powered devices because they can’t seem to clear their inventory. For instance, Lenovo offered a seven-day deal last month where its IdeaPad Yoga 11 was available for just $599 — down from the original $799 price. Amazon sells the model for just $499.

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