Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga is truly one of the better Windows 8 hybrids out right now.  I say this because it’s so easy to convert the device from tablet to laptop and back.  Plus you can use the Yoga in other modes, such as tent and stand modes.  There’s no complicated twisting, pushing, sliding or rotating mechanism used.  It’s simply a quick flip.

Knowing this, I’d have to agree with this article and its take on how the IdeaPad Yoga would be a great solution for those in the work environment.  Business professionals could use it and have increased productivity because they wouldn’t have to switch back and forth between personal and work devices.  The Yoga is an all-in-one solution.  Watch movies and videos in tablet mode or easily switch to laptop mode to work on a report.  There’s no need to carry around two separate devices.

Though Lenovo does have a business solution in the ThinkPad Twist, the display for that laptop comes off a little awkward for me and the twisting motion is a bit more inconvenient.

The Yoga was released under Lenovo’s consumer-oriented IdeaPad label, but after spending a considerable amount of time with it, I’ve begun to realize that the hybrid solution–particularly in this form-factor–is a surprisingly sensible one for corporate environments for one primary reason.

Most of us bring our work laptops home every night. If employees are able to convert their laptops into tablets while watching TV in their living rooms, and quickly access their keyboards when they need to, productivity (and creativity) will only go up.

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