has an interesting article that’s worth reading. If you’ve been shopping around for an inexpensive Windows 8 laptop, this article is a must read. We all know that Lenovo and Toshiba are two of the biggest PC Vendors out there. Charles Jefferies, the author, compares two similar models, one from each company, and offers his thoughts on each of the systems. Note that these are machines that have been configured with similar specs and have been priced to be below $600.

Besides the performance, which he pretty much calls even because the differences are so subtle, Jefferies comments on the design, keyboard, touchpad, and battery life.

One point that caught my attention were the comments that were used to describe each laptop’s build. They’re definitely worth keeping in mind before any purchase.

Lenovo managed to produce a budget notebook that didn’t scream “PLASTIC” unlike Toshiba. While both notebooks are ultimately constructed of plastic, the IdeaPad Z480 is covered in classy decorative aluminum trim (the metallic gray model, that is; other versions of the Z480 are all plastic). It feels cool to the touch and adds to the overall feeling of quality.

The biggest problem I have with the Satellite L840 isn’t the fact that it’s made of plastic but that it’s glossy plastic, the kind that looks great on a store shelf but immediately suffers from fingerprints, dust and scratches as soon as you get it home (and here I was thinking the glossy plastic notebook fad ended in 2009).

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