While Lenovo’s ThinkPad Twist and IdeaPad Yoga may seem similar in design, they are actually quite different. The Twist implements a rotating hinge that allows it to twist its display into tablet position. The IdeaPad Yoga has a screen that flips or folds into various tablet using positions.

Technically, you could fold the Twist into tent mode, but as the article here notes, it’s not a very natural position for the device to be in.

Get the Twist if you like the ThinkPad brand and you want more ports. The Yoga is more suitable for mainstream consumers and is more diverse in the ways you can use it, but it lacks the number of ports that the Twist has.

Lenovo also advertises a “tent” mode, which is when you twist the screen, tilt it back, and then stand the laptop on its edges to make a tent-like structure. While this mode works well with the Yoga, which has balanced parts, it’s not very effective with the Twist. The Twist’s screen is much slimmer and lighter than the bottom part of the laptop, and so propping it up in tent mode does not seem very sturdy.

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