Laptop Magazine has an interesting article pitting the ThinkPad T530 against the Latitude E5530.  Both are 15-inch business laptops that are designed for the working professional.

The article focuses on 10 areas where the laptops are compared and reviewed.  If you want a quick summary of the points made, follow the bullets below.

  • Design:  ThinkPad T530 is lighter and thinner
  • Display:  Both machines offer Full HD upgrades
  • Audio:  ThinkPad T530 has better audio b/c its speakers are mounted on the top, delivering unobstructed sound
  • Keyboard & TouchPad:  ThinkPad keyboards & touchpads are renown and simply can’t be beat.
  • Webcam:  Both webcams are comparable.  No distinct advantage in either.
  • Performance: ThinkPad T530 has faster boot times and transfer speeds.
  • Battery Life:  ThinkPad T530 has 2 more hours of use over the Latitude E5530
  • Security:  ThinkPad T530 has a fingerprint reader
  • Software: The ThinkVantage utility suite is more helpful than what Dell offers
  • Configuration:  ThinkPad T530 offers more configuration options

Having swept eight of the ten rounds (with two draws), it’s clear that the Lenovo ThinkPad T530 offers the best value for business users. Not only is the T530 thinner and lighter than the Dell Latitude E5530, it features a more vibrant display, clearer audio, a better keyboard and slightly better performance. Dollar for dollar, business users can’t go wrong with the ThinkPad T530.

Read the Full Article at 15-inch Business Laptop Face-Off: ThinkPad T530 vs. Latitude E5530

So overall, it would seem that Lenovo’s ThinkPad T530 is a better buy than the Latitude E5530.  If you’re looking for something similar but smaller, consider the ThinkPad T430.  This is essentially the same laptop but with a 14″ display.

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