A handful of Windows 8 hybrids have been out for a while, and the three most notable ones are the IdeaPad Yoga 13, the Sony VAIO Duo 11, and the Toshiba Satellite U925t. Each devices uses its own interesting design in attempt to implement both the ultrabook and the tablet form factors. While these systems are great for the casual mobile user because of their flexibility and their lightness, they do carry with them some caveats. Keep in mind these aren’t your normal laptops. They conform to Intel’s Ultrabook specifications in their designs. That means that certain things, such as computing power and storage are going to be lacking to some extent. Ultra-low voltage processors and expensive solid state drives ship with these machines.

The major drawback, one that afflicts its competitors as well, is the minimal storage capacity — or, more specifically, the amount of it claimed by Windows 8 system files. Fewer than half the 128 gigabytes on my test machine were available for my own applications, files and content. The least expensive model with a more plausible 256 GB, available in the U.S. only through Best Buy, is $1,400.

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