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Toshiba KIRA Books Intro & Highlights

Toshiba has just introduced a new laptop series into its laptop product lineup. This category is called KIRA and it features high-end ultrabook machines. For a quick run down on how this group of computer systems differ from the traditional Toshiba product categories that we’re so used to see, check out this brief introduction and highlight summary of what you can expect to find in a KIRA ultrabook.

The new KIRA (shown above and below) is sure to turn a lot of heads at launch, the device runs from $1,799 to $2,199. Toshiba reminds readers that Kira means ‘beam of light’, and the company calls Kira the “epitome of Japanese workmanship — every element designed and crafted with beautifully considered precision”.

The official description for the device is as follows: “Taking its cues from nature, KIRA has an incredibly durable lightweight strength due to its unique Honeycomb structure, designed to reinforce the chassis. Its construction, using the same magnesium alloy found in high-performance race cars, gives KIRA the edge when it comes to life in the fast lane”.

KIRA highlights include:

+ World’s first Ultrabook™ with Pixel Pure (2560×1440) display — the equivalent of four times the clarity of standard 720p High Definition display
+ Intuitive touchscreen
+ Ultra-light 1.21kg – 1.35kg (Dependant on no-touch/touch capabilities)
+ Prestigious harman/kardon® speakers
+ Supreme lightweight strength with reinforced magnesium honeycomb construction
+ Extended warranty
+ Dedicated platinum on-site servicing and a dedicated hotline

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Toshiba Satellite U845t a Good Average Mid-Level, Mid-Priced Ultrabook

If you’re in market for an average, mid-level performance notebook, Toshiba’s Satellite U845t is worth taking a look at. The Satellite product category caters to mainstream computer users and the U840t Series is a group of 14″ touchscreen enabled ultrabooks.

Dan Ackerman of CNET has given this machine a video review.

And that makes this, at least for the moment, my default go to if you want a laptop that is mid-sized, mid-priced, pretty darn good laptop.

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KIRAbook Ad Promo

Here’s an ad promo for Toshiba’s KIRAbook ultrabook, a new mobile computing solution that’s is thin and lightweight in design, and that features a very high display resolution of 2560 x 1440. The machine has a magnesium alloy enclosure that’s reinforced by a honeycomb strengthened base.

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Introducing Toshiba’s KIRAbook Ultrabooks

Toshiba has a new product series and it’s called the KIRAbook. This group of machines feature thin and lightweight ultrabooks that are intended to be premium and luxury mobile computing solutions. They closely resemble what you’d find in an Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display machine

As you watch this video, some of the highlights to take note of include:

  • 2560×1440 resolution
  • Starting weight 2.6 lbs.
  • 0.7″ profile
  • Complementary 2-year warranty
  • Magnesium alloy enclosure

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Toshiba Laptop Convertible Ultrabook Ad

Watch this video commercial and demo of Toshiba’s convertible ultrabook. This is a laptop that converts into a tablet. Running on Microsoft’s Windows 8, this device is optimized for touch computing. Take it out wherever you go and use it however is convenient for you. Choose the Satellite U920t convertible ultrabook and alternate between ultrabook mode and tablet mode by pushing/sliding in and out the display.

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Toshiba Satellite U845t – Your Typical Mainstream Touch Ultrabook

Toshiba’s Satellite U Series is the company’s product line for ultrabooks. There are a handful of systems in this grouping, and they differ in display sizes and touch screen capabilities.

If you’re looking for a simple and mainstream touchscreen ultrabook PC, consider a Satellite U840t ultrabook. There are several prebuilt configurations available for purchase, no customizable models, and they’re in stock right now.

The Satellite U840t ultrabook is an economical ultrabook computing solution. It provides above average performance and battery life. The machine fits right in the middle of your typical spectrum of ultrabook selection.

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Toshiba Satellite U920t Convertible Ultrabook Tablet

Toshiba’s Satellite U920t is an interesting Windows 8 convertible ultrabook to have recently hit the market. It uses a sliding mechanism to switch back and forth between tablet and ultrabook modes. Two comparable alternatives are the Sony VAIO Duo and the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist. The article below, with a snippet and link provided, examines the Satellite U920t as well and notes its similarities to the Duo and Twist. Check it out.

The 12.5-inch screen makes this one of the larger convertibles, using the same 1,366 x 768 resolution favoured by the budget end of town. For most users this will be fine, but designers and photographers will probably prefer the true HD resolution offered elsewhere. The Gorilla Glass finish suggests it’ll handle a beating without getting bruised, while the 10-point multitouch display means the screen can be used as a virtual piano, one of the only applications that we can imagine needs so many points of contact. Despite the lower resolution, the IPS display here is one of the better ones we’ve seen, with excellent image quality across the board. Once again, we see a glossy finish employed and despite the anti-smudging tech provided by the Gorilla Glass, our sample was soon covered in fingerprints. If you do end up buying a touch-enabled PC, a cleaning cloth will be your first must-have accessory.

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Toshiba Satellite U845T-S4165 Ultrabook Review

Toshiba has several consumer-line ultrabook systems. They all belong to the Satellite U Series. The majority are based off a 14″ chassis, with one exception in the U920t, which has a 12.1″ chassis.

You can find variations of the Satellite U Series ultrabook. Some have touchscreens and some don’t. There are also some that have cinematic ultra-wide screen displays, which cater to those that want to maximize their movie watching experience when using their ultrabook.

The Satellite U840T is a great place to start looking if you’re looking for a system with touch display capability. You’ll find several models and configurations available for selection, with some being prebuilt models and others being customizable ones.

In the Satellite U845T-S4165 ultrabook, you’ll be getting a good mid-level performance system. Check out this review to see the favorable highlights that have been given to this machine.

With the Satellite U845T-S4165, Toshiba has successfully combined fast Core i5 performance, an SSD and a touch screen for a reasonable price. Best of all, this Ultrabook lasts 7.5 hours on a charge, outlasting most other touch Ultrabooks. Although the keyboard literally falls short, this 14-inch Windows 8 notebook richly deserves its 4-star rating. Those looking for a laptop they can carry around all day would do well with the Satellite U845T.

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Windows 8 on Toshiba Laptops

Windows 8 is here and there are so many options you can go with when you choose a Toshiba laptop. From Satellite systems to Qosmio systems, there’s something for everyone. Some have touch capability and others do not. Check out all the different things you can do on a Windows 8 machine. It’s definitely something you’ve never seen or experienced before.

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Toshiba Qosmio X875 Windows 8 Gaming Laptop

There aren’t many Windows 8 gaming laptops out on the market, especially one that features a large 17″ display. Toshiba fortunately has a system that fits this bill. The Qosmio product family has been around for quite some time and it caters specifically to gaming and multimedia enthusiasts. Check out the next iteration of Qosmio laptops found in the Qosmio X875 Series. Watch the product overview video below to get a quick idea of the highlights found on this machine.

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