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The Next Big Thing In Computing

Steve Ballamer, CEO of Microsoft was speaking at a conference when he was asked about what the next big thing is going to be. Surprisingly, he did not throw out tablet computing, but “2-in-1″ hybrid devices as what he expects people will gravitate to. Makes sense, as the transition to hybrid devices would an easier solution to full touchscreen computing.

Ballmer also praised the top-notch specs of the ThinkPad Helix as a way of demonstrating the potential for hybrids. The coming months will see a market influx of a slate of 2-in-1 devices built in a mold similar to the Helix. Microsoft and Ballmer are betting heavily that the hybrid devices will be a hit, so it will be interesting to see how consumers respond to this next iteration of personal computing.

Microsoft CEO Sees Hybrid Devices as the Next Big Thing


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ThinkPad Helix Detachable Ultrabook Review

Too many of the convertible tablets out these days look funny. Many of them seem to use an assortment of gimmicks two showcase the the ability to switch back and forth between tablet and ultrabook models. Lenovo’s Thinkpad Helix does not do this. It’s design is pretty straight forward. Use the tablet in slate mode without worrying about other components. When the time comes to compute in laptop mode, simply attach a dockable keyboard. No twisting, turning, or flipping of displays. Just click the two components into place.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad line has a professional look that is simple and clean yet still very attractive. The ThinkPad Helix utilizes this same styling while also providing additional flexibility that you won’t get with a traditional ThinkPad notebook.

With its versatile convertible design and vibrant HD touch screen the ThinkPad Helix has a lot to offer, particularly for business users who want both a tablet and an ultrabook. Battery life is excellent and the system feels solid.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix ‘Rip & Flip’ Convertible Review


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ThinkPad Tablet 2 Review

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2 has been one of the more popular business Windows 8 tablets out there. It’ll do just about everything you need it to do in the realm of basic everyday computing and it’s reasonably priced.

From a computing perspective, like many of the current Windows tablet, it runs a 1.80GHz Intel Atom z2760, part for the Clover Trail+ platform. It has 2GB RAM and 64GB of flash in the basic configuration, which now sells for under $649. In practice, I’ve found the processor to be pretty good for running Windows 8 “Modern” applications and OK for running legacy desktop applications. It certainly won’t set any speed records and you won’t want to do a lot of multitasking or run high-end games, but it’s fine for editing documents, general Web browsing, and viewing videos.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: A Solid Windows 8 Slate


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ThinkPad T431s Laptop Review

PCWorld has a laptop review on Lenovo’s Thinkpad T431s that’s quite interesting. Instead of the typical glowing remarks that most of us are used to seeing, the review instead highlights several lacking design features. Give the article a read and see if the comments made are significant enough to sway your decision away from this laptop.

As Ultrabooks go, the ThinkPad T431s is far from the skinniest, lightest, fastest, or longest-lasting model you can buy. And without perks like a touchscreen and solid-state storage (the latter is available on other configurations), it’s hard to justify Lenovo’s higher-than-average price. Business users might continue to appreciate the ThinkPad’s sturdy design, security features, and comfy keyboard, but others will find more features and better performance for less money.

Lenovo ThinkPad T431s review: A High-Priced Ultrabook Without The High-End Specs


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ThinkPad Edge 431 Laptop

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge has often been considered a great value buy for business professionals. This laptop provides solid performance and it has a starting price of less than $500. A new Edge model is out in the E431. Overall this laptop seems to continue on the tradition of the ThinkPad brand. One drawback might be that it’s still running a Sandy Bridge processor.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge line of affordable small business laptops has long been known for providing a strong combination of value and usability. With a best-in-class keyboard, solid performance, plenty of ports, and optional Windows 7 for those who don’t like Windows 8, the 14-inch ThinkPad E431 ($649 as configured, $499 to start), is a great choice for knowledge workers, students or anyone who needs portable productivity on a budget.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 Review


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ThinkPad T440s Laptops on Their Way

A handful of tech blogs are reporting that a new ThinkPad T Series laptop is on the horizon. Not many have the complete low-down on this new system, but what’s known and probably what’s most important to most is that it’ll be running on Intel’s 4th generation Haswell processors. It’s unbelievable that there are still a handful of computer manufacturers that are putting out Sandy Bridge systems when Haswell has been out for a couple of months now.

One thing a bit different with the T440s is that it will come standard with two 3-cell batteries, including one that’s swappable without requiring the user to power down the system while replacing the other one. That’s a handy extra for business travelers needing as much battery life as possible while on the road.

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s Business Ultrabook packs Intel Haswell Processors


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Lenovo’s Unboxing Video Of the ThinkPad T431s

Lenovo’s put out an unboxing video of its ThinkPad T431s. See everything that comes inside the box when you purchase one of these systems. Hear some interesting insights on various features found on the ThinkPad T431s and follow along as the guys go through select ports and component specifications.

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IdeaPad Yoga 11S: A Smaller & Comparable Yoga 13 Hybrid

Lisa Gade over at MobileTechReview has just posted a video review of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Convertible Ultrabook. This device, for some, is something that’s been long overdue. The reason is because its predecessor was somewhat lacking. The IdeaPad Yoga 11 was powered by a Tegra-based Windows RT OS. This updated version runs on a full Windows 8 OS.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S is the baby brother to the extremely popular Yoga 13. Don’t confuse the Yoga 11S with the Windows RT Yoga 11 released in the fall of 2013. The 11S is a full Intel Core convertible Ultrabook running Windows 8 64 bit, just like the Yoga 13. We first saw the Yoga 11S when we met with Lenovo at CES in January 2013, and now the Ultrabook is finally shipping. Is it still cool? Let’s see.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Video Review

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A Tablet/Ultrabook Hybrid For Business Professionals

There seems to be a plethora of “hybrids” or “convertible ultrabooks” on the market right now. Everyone’s trying to figure out the best design for implementing both tablet and laptop functionality. Is there a design that particularly stands out? Maybe. Lenovo is definitely trying all sorts of interesting concepts. The ThinkPad Helix is one such device and it uses a “Flip-and-Rip” system where the touchscreen is detached from the base and keyboard to be used as a slate tablet. It differs from other conventional convertible ultrabook designs because it does not implement the popular clamshell chassis. For business professionals looking for a corporate business computing solution, the ThinkPad Helix is definitely something you should look more into.

Because this system is from Lenovo’s professional-grade ThinkPad line, as opposed to the consumer-targeted IdeaPad line, you can expect to pay a bit of a premium compared with other machines with similar specs. For a ThinkPad’s rigid construction, best-in-class keyboard, and IT-friendly security features, that’s perfectly reasonable, in theory.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix review: A Business Hybrid With an Executive Price

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See What New Changes Have Been Made to The ThinkPad T431s

Read this PCMag laptop review on the ThinkPad T431s if you’re looking for a mainstream business corporate laptop. It received an editor rating of “Good” and a 3 1/2 star mark out of 5 stars. The ThinkPad T431s has been redesigned and has received a handful of new updates. Find design features from both the environmentally-friendly ThinkPad L Series and the ultraportable ThinkPad X Series incorporated in the ThinkPad T Series. Check out the article below to get a full overview of what’s new.  Here’s a snippet of the article for you to preview.

Another feature that saves weight is the elimination of the optical drive option. DVD and CD technology is mostly dead at this point anyway, but if you still need optical drives, your IT manager can buy a few USB external drives, which still work fine on the T431s. The T431s also eliminates a legacy technology that will be missed: The T431s drops the removable battery in favor of a sealed battery. This will be a bother for the road warrior who has the discipline to keep several spare batteries handy at all times, but if your users mainly keep their laptops docked, then it won’t bother them. The T431s still has a standardized Lenovo docking port on the bottom for use with ThinkPad Series 3 docks.

Full PCMag Laptop Review:  Lenovo ThinkPad T431s