Satellite P500-ST5807

Satellite P500-ST5807

Satellite P500-ST5807 is a high-performance laptop.  It is a pre-configured notebook by Toshiba that is priced around $1000.  The Satellite P500-ST5807 comes with many of today’s new and cutting-edge technologies.

Satellite P500-ST5807 is powered by a Intel’s Core i7 Quad Core processor.  This is one of Intel’s top of the line processors.  Satellite P500-ST5807 is equipped with 4GB of DDR3 memory.  DDR3 is faster than DDR2 memory.  Satellite P500-ST5807 also comes with a 320GB hard drive.  This hard drive is among the fastest on the market, running at 7200 rpm.

Satellite P500-ST5807 features a 18.4″ widescreen LCD display.  This display is capable of supporting high-definition (720p) content.

Satellite P500-ST5807 is a relatively large notebook.  It has one of Toshiba’s largest notebook displays and its starting weight begins at 11.13 lbs.

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