Portege M750-S7222

Portege M750-S7222

Portege M750-S7222 is a Toshiba Tablet PC. It is a pre-configured notebook system. The Portege M750-S7222 Tablet PC comes with a small 12.1″ widescreen display and weighs only 4.6 lbs. The Portege M750-S7222 Tablet PC has a battery life of up to 5.03 hours.

Portege M750-S7222 Tablet PC is ideal for users that need a light and portable computing solution. It’s tablet screen allows for users to write and take notes directly on the display. The Portege M750-S7222 Tablet PC can be used by students, those in healthcare, construction, or just about anybody who’s computing work requires them to be predominantly outside or on their feet.

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