Satellite T115D-S1125

Satellite T115D-S1125

Satellite T115D-S1125 is a Toshiba pre-configured netbook. It is a lightweight and portable computing solution, weighing in at only 3.48 lbs and having a small 11.6″ widescreen display. It is ideal for users who need a laptop that is easy to carry around and that can be used for casual computing and Internet browsing purposes.

The Satellite T115D-S1125 is an ultra-thin laptop that has been designed to outperform most netbooks on the market today. It is powered by an AMD Athlon Neo X2 Dual Core processor and runs with 2GB of system memory. The Satellite T115D-S1125 comes with a large 320GB hard drive.

A handful of multimedia components highlight the Satellite T115D-S1125. Standard on the Satellite T115D-S1125 netbook is a webcam, mic and an HDMI output port. The 11.6″ display is LED backlit and supports high-definition content (720p).

Two colors are available for selection: Nova Black and Nova Red.

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