Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba has one of the largest selection of computers for consumers out there. Just look at their product offerings. There’s so many to choose from. Whether you’re an everyday computer user or a working business professional, Toshiba has made a laptop/desktop just for you. Customize a system online today or get a fast-ship prebuilt one and have it shipped to you for free (applicable on models $499+).

Every week Toshiba releases a new set of Ecoupons, discounting select and popular models. They cover all the laptop families, which include Satellite, Qosmio, Portege and Tecra laptops. These promotional items are on sale for only a week, so be sure to take advantage of the savings while you can.

When you browse through the Toshiba website, you might be overwhelmed by the number of products that are available. To help you better make an informed purchasing decision, consider the notes provided below in the reference guide. As stated, there are four Toshiba product families. Within each product family are individual series which further distinguish specific groupings of products. They are based primarily on their computing directive/functionality/purpose.

Satellite, Qosmio, Portege, Tecra Laptops:

Satellite – Everyday Value

Current Special Offers For: Satellite Laptops

  • C Series: All the basics
  • L Series: Style & value
  • S Series: Power & speed
  • P Series: Premium performance & design
  • U Series: Ultrabooks

Qosmio – Gaming & Entertainment

Current Special Offers For: Qosmio Laptops

  • F755 Series: Glasses-free 3D
  • X870 Series: Dream Machine

Portege – Thin & Light

Current Special Offers For: Portege Laptops

  • R930 Series: Mobile performance
  • Z930 Series: Ultimate ultrabook

Tecra – Business Laptops

Current Special Offers For: Tecra Laptops

  • R940 Series: Mobile professional
  • R950 Series: Mobile productivity

Toshiba eCoupons & Special Offers

Description: Receive free ground shipping on any order over $499 (before taxes).
Start Date: 2010-01-01
End Date: 2020-01-01
eCoupon: Embedded in Link
Link: Click Here
Details: Free Ground Shipping on ToshibaDirect Orders