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Vaio VPCZ12BGX/SI is a premium ultraportable notebook from Sony.  It comes with many of today’s latest hardware performance parts and has been designed with portability as a focus.  Model VPCZ12BGX/SI also belongs to Sony’s Signature Collection.  This is a special line of notebooks that are offered seasonally.  The VPCZ12BGX/SI is ideal for business professionals and executives that need a stylish performance computing solution that is mobile in form factor.

It’s amazing how Sony is able to pack so much performance into such a small form factor in the VPCZ12BGX/SI.  This system is powered by Intel’s Core i5 processor that features both Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost technologies.  It has plenty of system memory and uses a premium solid state drive for storage.  The SSD provides performance and reliability, two qualities that are very important for users that are frequently on the go.

Just because this notebook is an ultraportable does not mean it has to suffer with mediocre graphics like so many of its counterparts.  The VPCZ12BGX/SI actually comes with good discrete Nvidia graphics solution that has 1GB VRAM.  The graphics is balanced with Nvidia’s Optimus technology, which is a hybrid graphics solution that alternates between an integrated and a discrete card, depending on the graphics requirements of the applications, so as to conserve resources and battery life.

VPCZ12BGX/SI Highlights:

  • Intel Core i5-520M (2.40GHz)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
  • 13.1″ LED backlit LCD
  • 4GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Hybrid Graphics (1GB VRAM)
  • Verizon Wireless with Share my Connection

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