ThinkPad W701

thinkpad w701 img

ThinkPad W Series includes several of Lenovo’s most powerful notebooks machines.  These laptops are designed to be the ultimate mobile workstation, having some of the fastest Intel processors and loaded with top of the line graphics cards.

The ThinkPad W701 can be outfitted with up to Intel Quad Core i7 processors or with Intel’s Quad Core Extreme i7 processor.  These are the latest and most powerful Intel Core i7 processors on the market.

Two other notable features of the ThinkPad W701 laptop are the graphics card and the system memory.  Both provide superior performance when compared to contemporary components.

Lenovo’s W701 comes with a dedicated graphics card that has 1 GB of VRAM.  System memory can be expanded up to 16 GB of PC10600 DDR3 SDRAM.

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