Studio 17 Touch

dell studio 17 touch

The Studio 17 Touch is a Dell laptop that features a 17.3” full HD and multi-touch display.  It is the first of many innovative systems that Dell will offer with multi-touch display functionality.

Navigation on the Studio 17 Touch is easy and natural.  Using up to 4 fingers, users can initiate gestures to grab, pinch, span, flick, zoom and rotate items on the screen.  This is an innovative way of interacting with the computer, as opposed to using the traditional mouse clicks.

The Studio 17 Touch is a great laptop to use as a portable home entertainment system.  With its large display, JBL Premium audio, fast Core iX processors and a dedicated ATI graphics card that can go up to 1GB of VRAM, the Studio 17 Touch is ready to play high-definition content with ease.

At the moment, the Studio 17 Touch is available only in the Black Chainlink with red u-trim design.  Various base models of the Studio 17 Touch system with differing hardware components can be selected.  Or the user can customize and choose his own system configuration.

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