Studio 14z


Studio 14z belongs to Dell’s Studio family of notebooks.  These notebooks are mainstream laptops, balanced with value and performance.  Studio notebooks are a notch better than the budget-oriented Inspiron line of notebooks, but are lower than Dell’s Studio XPS.

Studio 14z have been designed with students in mind.  The Studio 14z is both thinner and lighter than the Studio 14, perfect for those that are at school and in need of a portable laptop to carry around to class with.  The primary reason for the reduction in weight is the lack of an optical drive in the Studio 14z.  This takes off about 1 lb. off the weight.  External optical drives, such as a slot-load DVD+/-RW or a Blu-ray Disco Drive are available to be attached onto Studio 14z notebooks.

Dell Studio 14z notebooks have been engineered to be more powerful than typical netbooks, but still fall below standard performance focused laptops.  Consumers can choose Intel Core 2 Duo processors to run their Studio 14z notebooks.

Studio 14z laptops feature a 14.0″ high-definition widescreen display capable of outputting at 720p.  It ranks among the thinnest and lightest of the Dell Studio family of notebooks.

Six colors are available for the Studio 14z: Red, Blue, Green, Promise Pink, Purple and Black.

Key Feature Specifications:

  • 14-inch High Definition Display
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Up to 6 1/2 hours of Battery Life
  • Weighs 4.3lbs.

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