Inspiron 17


Inspiron 17 notebooks belong to the Inspiron family of laptops, a mainstream, budget-oriented line of computer systems.  The Inspiron 17 notebook aims to provide both value and performance.  Dell Inspiron 17 laptops are suited for users at school or at home.  These are large notebooks, featuring a 17.3″ widescreen display capable of outputting hi-def content and a full keyboard with a built-in number pad.  Inspiron 17 notebooks can be used as portable desktop replacements.

Inspiron 17 has the largest display size among the Inspiron family of laptops.  With large screen, fast Intel processors, ample RAM and dedicated ATI video card, Dell’s Inspiron notebook is perfect for viewing and sharing multimedia content.  An optional Blu-ray Disc drive can turn this system into a great entertainment system.

Inspiron 17 comes in 7 different colors and can be outfitted with over 200 artist designs, available with Design Studio.

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