Inspiron 11z

dell inspiron 11z

Inspiron 11z is one of Dell’s thinnest and lightest laptops.  It has been designed for users that need a small and ultraportable system without going the netbook route.  The Dell Inspiron 11z comes with an 11.6” HD WLED display.  It’s 1 inch thin and weighs approximately 3 lbs.

Inspiron 11z can be fitted with a selection of Intel ultra-low voltage processors.  They range from low voltage Celerons to Pentium processors.  To assist reducing the weight of the Inspiron 11z, Dell has removed the internal optical drive and has added an optional external drive for those that really want it.

Battery life laptop dimensions for this small Dell laptop are truly remarkable.  They make this laptop a good buy for those that are looking for a mobile computing solution.

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