Are VAIO Z Series Too Expensive?

Wired Magazine has an interesting article on the new 2012 VAIO Z Series laptops.  In it the author seems to give an unfavorable review on these laptops, commenting on physical design, keyboard, trackpad and the lack of an optical drive.  However, reading the comments at the end of the article, a good number of people seem to disagree. 

Read the article and decide for yourself.  Remember, this is Sony's flagship laptop product line, and should be seen more as a mobile performance laptop than an ultrabook.

This year’s refreshed Vaio Z still has the same striking design, and it’s still very impressive on specs. It’s also several hundred dollars cheaper, making it a much more sensible purchase. But the 2012 Vaio Z suffers from some weird design quirks, and even with a lowered price tag, it doesn’t do enough to truly outshine its competitors in today’s ultrabook-saturated laptop market….More at Even After Price Drop, Sony Vaio Z Is Still a Big-Ticket Notebook



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