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The Toshiba Satellite U925t has been getting a lot of mixed reviews. This device is a Windows 8 tablet/laptop convertible. It uses a slider mechanism to review a laptop keyboard underneath its touch display. Several reviewers have noted that while the there’s nothing wrong with the sliding concept, the design on the U925t is a bit of lacking. For example, when in laptop mode, the back of the display is left exposed and looks unfinished.

The more we use the Satellite U925t, though, the more we’re convinced Toshiba took a gamble on the wrong form factor. That propped-up display eats into the available deck space, making for a compromised typing experience. The trackpad, too, is unnecessarily small, which might bother folks who are trying to get work done on the desktop and can’t really get by on finger input. Meanwhile, the Dell XPS 12 and Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 cost about the same and weigh about the same, except they approach that tablet transformation in such a way that you never lose out on keyboard space.

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