A Qosmo X870 Laptop With Power

Toshiba’s Qosmio Laptop Lineup serves those computing enthusiasts that are looking for perfomance gaming & entertainment machines.  Two series exists within the Qosmio Family.  The X870 Series features models with 17.3″ displays and the F750 Series features models with 15.6″ displays.

Check out this thorough review on a prebuilt Qosmio X870 laptop below.  It does a really good job of going into detail every facet of the machine.  Most notably, readers will find this system an extremely powerful mobile computer unit, as demonstrated by several benchmark tests.

The review notebook comes with decent hardware that doesn’t disappoint. Intel’s latest generation quad core processor provides more than enough processing power and the GeForce GTX 670M is able to handle the most demanding games. 16 GB RAM and an SSD drive provide additional performance.  A Bluray drive is built in to take advantage of the Full-HD screen that comes with the laptop. Thanks to the 3D display and the Nvidia shutter glasses, 3D movies are not an issue for the notebook. Thus, the notebook can perfectly function as a gaming machine as well as a multimedia station….

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