With the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 just right around the corner, release date set for October 26, Lenovo is ready to enter and ride the next wave of multi-touch computing. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 is Lenovo’s solution, and it will be released alongside Windows 8.

This will be the second iteration of the ThinkPad Tablet, the first of which featured Google’s Android operating system.

Lenovo seems determined to improve and provide business professionals a powerful enough tablet computing solution.  Running on an Intel processor, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 will be able to run all the typical office applications.  It’ll come with a stylus, which allows for easy note taking, and can be paired with a keyboard dock that has a similar touch to the renown ThinkPad laptop keyboards.

The choice of full Windows 8 rather than Windows RT is a good start – the Tablet 2 will slot neatly into any existing enterprise setup, and run all the same apps – and the ThinkPad keyboard dock, which is obviously removable, has similar feel to the company’s laptop ‘boards.

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