Out with netbooks and in with ultrabooks. Apple’s MacBook Air started the trend and the push has coming on with Intel pumping more and more money into this new form factor. Consumers are now beginning to see an increasing selection of ultrabook models from the various computer manufacturers.

Besides the obvious attributes found on many ultrabooks on the market today, such as the thin and light chassis and the ultra-low voltage Intel processor, what other characteristics can be noted? Not much. However, Toshiba is trying to distinguish its ultrabook product line with the Satellite U845W Series. What shoppers will find that’s different and unique is an ultrawide display screen, something that might be intriguing for some users.

With its Satellite U845W, Toshiba is doing something that is at least different, if nothing else: this laptop takes the same insides used in other Ultrabooks and adds an ultra-wide 1792×768 display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, taking aim directly at movie buffs and multitaskers who need or want lots of horizontal elbow room for their windows.

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With this display, the appeal will definitely be geared toward multi-window power uses.  Those that frequently multitask between different windows or applications will surely find the ability to have multiple active windows a convenient feature.  Use it to stay productive or to split time between work and entertainment.  Toshiba even includes a utility to facilitate this.

To enhance the utility of the wide screen to heavy multitaskers, Toshiba has included a Split Screen utility, one of the most useful OEM add-ons I’ve encountered recently. It allows you to resize a pair of windows to take up disproportionate parts of the screen—allowing, for example, one window to take up a 1024 or 1366-pixel-wide space, and the second window to use the remainder. This can be useful in cases where you’ve got a browser or a document that needs more space, and another program like an IM or Twitter client that only needs a narrow strip.

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