Lenovo’s ThinkPad T Series has always been one of my favorite laptop product lines.  You’ll find serious performing machines that are no-nonsense in their feature sets and specifications.  The ThinkPad T Series fits right in the middle of all the other ThinkPad branded offerings.

Well a new ThinkPad T Series model is out and it’s the T431s.  This is an ultrabook mind you, so its design will cater to such, with a thinner and lighter chassis and a longer battery life than typical laptops out on the market.  There’s a lot of new changes, most for the better.  Check out this product review to see all the details and updates made.

The renowned ThinkPad T Series was more or less stagnant in its visual design until the introduction of the Chiclet AccuType keyboard a little more than a year ago. The chassis changes on the T431s signify a move towards a more traditional Ultrabook look whilst maintaining as much of the traditional qualities of the ThinkPad as possible including the magnesium construction and internal roll cage. To that end, build quality is excellent as always for a T Series model, but the process of slimming down both the thickness and weight has resulted in slight sacrifices in rigidity that longtime ThinkPad users may notice. It’s a typical tradeoff between portability and sturdiness no matter how users choose to look at the thinner design.

Meanwhile, the major improvements to the AccuType keyboard and the reimagined touchpad are terrific. The greater travel and feedback of each key and the considerably large touchpad for a 14-inch notebook make the notebook very easy to use. We’re missing the traditional beveled layout less and less as the Chiclet layout continues to improve overtime. Lenovo’s big bet on integrating the five dedicated mouse keys onto the touchpad has certainly paid off and we would not be surprised to see it expand onto other ThinkPad lineups in the future. Although it is the manufacturer’s first release of a glass touchpad for a T Series, it is already one of the best for an Ultrabook.

With regards to performance, the lower surface temperatures and longer battery life compared to the T430s and T430 are big pluses, though at the cost of having a non-removable battery and a louder system fan when under medium to high loads. These features make the T431s a sort of hybrid between the X1 Carbon and T430s with most of the best qualities of both models. Frequent travelers who want something lighter than a standard ThinkPad without the usual fragility of a typical Ultrabook will find a lot to like about the new design philosophy and direction that future T Series models may be heading towards.

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