Sony’s VAIO T Series laptop gets an update, with a new model in the VAIO T13.  This new system incorporates Windows 8 and is highlighted by a touch display.  The VAIO T13 Ultrabook is essentially the same laptop as the non-touch version with a handful of minor exceptions.

CNET has a review on this laptop and gives the computer a pretty favorable recommendation.  You can check out the full review on their website, along with a video that points out some highlights.  I’ve included some important points that were brought up so that readers can quickly capture what benefits the VAIO T13 offers.

  • The keyboard is large with generous space between keys. If you like a lot of travel to your keys, you’ll definitely want to try typing on a T13 before you buy.
  • Considering it has almost the exact same components as the last T series we tested, it’s not surprising that this one has same excellent battery life: 5 hours and 41 minutes. That’s actually more than the life Sony quotes for the system…
  • The system also booted up pretty fast in less than 30 seconds. That’s not as fast as SSD-based ultrabooks I’ve tested, but faster than a system running on a regular 5,400rpm hard drive.
  • Any additional demands that the touch display may have on system performance didn’t seem to slow it down.

Full CNET Review at Sony’s solid ultrabook gets dressed with a touch screen for Windows 8

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