Ultrabooks are going to be making a splash, as more laptop manufacturers produce them to meet the increase in demand for them. Intel is trying to give the ultrabook form factor a push, investing lots into the technology and marketing for these machines.

Up to now, we’ve seen ultrabooks with primarily 13″ displays. There are a handful of 14″ systems, such as those recently released by Toshiba in the Satellite U Series. Lenovo is pushing the envelope and pioneering the 15″ ultrabooks. Sounds kind of ridiculous right? However, there is certainly people interested.

The IdeaPad U Series is Lenovo’s product category for mainstream ultrabooks. In the next month or so, Lenovo will be introducing the IdeaPad U510 Ultrabook.

Lenovo is stepping into the large end of the Ultrabook Spectrum, the 15″ class. The IdeaPad U510 Ultrabook seeks to “combine the best features of a tradition laptop with the sleek aesthetics and desirable qualities of a tablet”, according to Lenovo.

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