First came the IdeaPad Yoga 13. Now comes the ThinkPad Twist. Both are Windows 8 Ultrabook Convertibles. One caters to mainstream everyday computer users. The other to productivity-oriented corporate professionals. Check out this review on the ThinkPad Twist. One major difference between the Yoga and the Twist is the hinge used to switch the devices between laptop and tablet modes.

After hearing about the Yoga a few months back, I was intrigued by the form factor and the entire concept of a convertible ultrabook. The Thinkpad Twist executes this concept very well. The mid-tier sample that we reviewed contained a processor and memory configuration more than adequate to the task at hand. Its light and easy to carry around at a mere 3.5 pounds, and has a solid feel to it because of the magnesium material used in the design. I was worried about the hinge mechanism, but found it to be well designed and solidly constructed. The display that Lenovo used in designing the Twist is hands-down one of the best displays I seen yet. As for the Windows 8 experience, I can’t imagine using Windows 8 without this device. The Thinkpad Twist was made for Windows 8 and give the user an unrivaled experience. I found myself using the keyboard and mouse in conjunction with the touch screen as if it was second nature.

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