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Lenovo ThinkPad & ThinkCentre Ecoupons: 11/27

Cyber Monday is over but don’t worry, Lenovo’s deals haven’t ended.  This week each day more days are to come and we’ll be sharing them with you.  A couple here, a handful there.  Check back regularly to see what new special offers you can take advantage of.

Today, and just for the day, get the following savings off the systems listed below.

ThinkPad & ThinkCentre Ecoupons for 11/27

  • 32% off ThinkPad T530 Laptop
  • 19% off ThinkCentre M72e Tiny Desktop PC


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IdeaPad Yoga 13 Has a Great Touch Display

We’ve talked about how we like the simplicity in design Lenovo has used to implement touch computing into an ultrabook, found in the IdeaPad Yoga 13. We’ve also talked about how we like that Lenovo has finally broken away from what seems to have been an industry standard 1366 x 768 display resolution to a better 1600 x 900 native resolution. Now we move to the actual touch screen and once again, Lenovo has shown us that it did well in putting a good responsive screen with this system. An article over at PCWorld talks about this, and since it does a good job at highlighting this point, we’ve included the snippet here to share.

Unlike some of the other Windows 8 touchscreens I’ve used, the Yoga’s 10-point multi-touch touchscreen is a pleasure to use. It’s responsive and accurate, and multi-touch gestures are extremely smooth. It feels much more like a tablet screen, rather than a touchscreen that’s been tacked onto a laptop. Because of this, using the Yoga in tablet mode is very easy, though it can be a little awkward because of the size and weight of the machine.

Check Out The Full Article At Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Review: Flexible in more Than One Way

Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Yoga Convertible Ultrabooks

The Good & Bad in The IdeaPad Yoga 13

If you want to check out a fair review of the IdeaPad Yoga 13, try reading the one found on Ars Technica. The author does a nice job of highlighting the nice features found on this Windows 8 convertible tablet/laptop, but also takes some time to point out some caveats.

Of the more notable features that he mentions, the one that most stuck out for me while reading the article was the comment on the ultrabook’s display.

While the size and weight aren’t quite at the top of the class, the laptop’s touchscreen is a treat. It’s a 10-point IPS panel with a 1600×900 resolution and excellent color and viewing angles (see for yourself in some of these pictures). This comes at a price point where manufacturers all too often opt instead to use 1366×768 panels with awful viewing angles. So we’re hoping the Yoga signals a trend toward better screens from all the major OEMs.

Read More at A Good Ultrabook, a Bad Tablet: The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Review

Most of the issues that were brought up concerned the actual weight of the form factor, which is understandable, considering this device is actually a mesh of two different ones. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 isn’t going to be super thin and light, so keep this in mind when considering this device.

Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Yoga Convertible Ultrabooks

Cyber Monday 2012 Lenovo Special Offers

Cyber Monday 2012 is here and you can get some great savings on ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops. Save up to 20% on business-class laptops and 15% on business-class desktops. Everything is on sale. Click on the Lenovo Ecoupon below and activate discounts. Use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY to redeem savings. These Lenovo special offers run between 11/26 and 11/30.

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Current Special Offers For: ThinkPad Laptops

Lenovo Discounts available for 2012 Cyber Monday
12% off ThinkPad E535 Laptops, 12% off ThinkPad E430 Laptops, 12% off ThinkPad E530 Laptops, 15% off ThinkPad T430 Laptops, 15% off ThinkPad T430s Laptops, 15% off ThinkPad T430u Laptops, 15% off ThinkPad T530 Laptops, 20% off ThinkPad X230 Laptops, 20% off ThinkPad W530 Laptops, 10% off ThinkPad Twist Laptops,
20% off ThinkPad X230 Tablets, 15% off ThinkPad L430 Laptops, 15% off ThinkPad L530 Laptops, 15% off ThinkCentre M92p Tiny Desktops, 15% off ThinkCentre M72e Tiny Desktops, 15% off ThinkCentre M82 Desktops,
15% off ThinkCentre M78 Desktops, 15% off ThinkCentre M92p Desktops, 15% off ThinkCentre M72e Desktops, 15% off ThinkCentre M92z AIO Desktops,15% off ThinkCentre M72z AIO Desktops

Lenovo 2012 Cyber Monday Ecoupons: 11/26-11/30

Lenovo 2012 Cyber Monday Deals are here.  These listed here are just some of the great savings you can have right now.  A little of everything from laptops to desktops, even a Windows 8 hybrid convertible is up on promotion.  There’s more discounts to be had, check back here to  see more later today.

Lenovo Cyber Monday Deals for 11/26

  • 33% off ThinkPad T430 Laptop
  • 13% off ThinkPad Twist Laptop
  • 36% off ThinkPad X230 Laptop
  • 41% off ThinkCentre M92z AIO Desktop PC


11/26 to 11/30

  • $550.00 off IdeaPad Y400: 95232FU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $350.00 off IdeaPad Y500: 95412SU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $400.00 off IdeaPad U510: 49412LU Laptop (Thin, Light, Stylish)


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2012 Sony Cyber Monday Laptop Ecoupons: 11/26

The Sony savings continue on Cyber Monday. Lots of computer systems on sale, with some deals on VAIO E Series custom laptops. Click on a Sony Ecoupons below to activate and be directed to the respective special offer page. Your discounts will take effect immediately. Free shipping. Get your Sony VAIO laptop or desktop today before it’s too late.

Cyber Monday (11/26)

  • Save up to 50% on select Sony Products
  • Save an extra $20 on the Sony VAIO E Series 14 Custom Laptop (SVE141290X standard)
  • Save an extra $20 on the Sony VAIO E Series 15 Custom Laptop (SVE151290X standard)

2012 Cyber Monday Sony Ecoupons


Current Special Offers For: VAIO E Series Laptops

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Current Special Offers For: VAIO S Series Laptops

Current Special Offers For: VAIO Z Series Laptops

Current Special Offers For: VAIO Duo Series Ultrabooks

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Current Special Offers For: VAIO Tab Series Desktops

Current Special Offers For: VAIO Clearance Laptops (discontinued models)

Lenovo ThinkPad & ThinkCentre Ecoupons: 11/25

Surprises come again on this day and the deals at your disposal include the a stylish ThinkPad Edge laptop and an economical business desktop solution in the ThinkCentre M92p PC. These systems have been discounted just for the day.

ThinkPad & ThinkCentre Ecoupons for 11/25

  • 21% off ThinkPad E430 Laptop
  • 36% off ThinkCentre M92p Tiny Desktop PC


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Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop Ecoupons: 11/24

Another set of Lenovo ThinkPad Coupons are here and today’s deals feature one high end system and one economical system. Need a mobile workstation? Consider the ThinkPad W530 laptop. Cost-effective and green is the ThinkPad L430 laptop.

ThinkPad Ecoupons for 11/24

  • 22% off ThinkPad W530 Laptop
  • 38% off ThinkPad L430 Laptop


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Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons: 11/23

Today we see a little bit more Lenovo promotions. Things are heating up and today’s special offers include those for ThinkPad Edge and ThinkPad T Series laptops. These deals are good for just today, so don’t delay and buy your Lenovo laptop right now.

ThinkPad Ecoupons for 11/23

  • 24% off ThinkPad E430 Laptop
  • 33% off ThinkPad T530 Laptop
  • 22% off ThinkPad T430s Laptop
  • 23% off ThinkPad T430 Laptop



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Lenovo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Laptop Ecoupons: 11/22 to 11/28

Black Friday for 2012 has arrived and there are plenty of savings to be had. You’ll find some of the year’s best deals on Lenovo laptops and desktops right now. Start your holiday gift giving season now while supplies last and treat you or your loved one to a new IdeaPad or ThinkPad laptop. You can essentially save several hundreds of dollars on a new machine this weekend. Check it the special offers this week. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the best!

Top Essential & IdeaPad Sale Items:

  • $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59359494
  • $500.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20998NU
  • $309.80 off IdeaPad Y500: 59356923
  • $520.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 2093B7U
  • $510.00 off IdeaPad Y400: 95232FU
  • $380.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768HU
  • $159.80 off IdeaPad U310: 4375B9U
  • $353.80 off IdeaCentre A720: 25645CU

New Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons

Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Essential Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: IdeaCentre Desktops 


Discounted Models List This Week:
$100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59359494, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343899, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343898, $100.00 off IdeaPad Yoga 13: 59343897, $269.80 off IdeaPad Y580: 59359510, $400.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 59359513, $500.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20998NU,$179.80 off IdeaPad Y570: 08622VU, $309.80 off IdeaPad Y500: 59356923, $289.80 off IdeaPad Y500: 954135U, $279.80 off IdeaPad Y500: 95412ZU, $279.80 off IdeaPad Y500: 95412VU, $259.80 off IdeaPad Y500: 59360242, $229.80 off IdeaPad Y500: 95412SU, $259.80 off IdeaPad Y480: 20938RU, $520.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 2093B7U, $249.80 off IdeaPad Y400: 59360114, $199.80 off IdeaPad Y400: 952324U, $510.00 off IdeaPad Y400: 95232FU, $249.80 off IdeaPad Y400: 952325U, $239.80 off IdeaPad U510: 49412LU, $239.80 off IdeaPad U510: 49412PU, $229.80 off IdeaPad U510: 49412NU, $219.80 off IdeaPad U510: 49412MU, $209.80 off IdeaPad U410: 43762JU, $380.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43768HU, $189.80 off IdeaPad U410: 43768FU, $175.80 off IdeaPad U410: 43768EU, $175.80 off IdeaPad U410: 43768DU, $350.00 off IdeaPad U400: 09933LU, $169.80 off IdeaPad U310: 437524U, $159.80 off IdeaPad U310: 4375B9U, $159.80 off IdeaPad U310: 4375B8U, $159.80 off IdeaPad U310: 4375BAU, $159.80 off IdeaPad U310: 4375B2U, $205.80 off Essential G780: 21829TU, $169.80 off Essential G780: 21829SU,$99.80 off Essential G585: 218199U, $97.80 off Essential G585: 218198U, $175.80 off Essential G580: 59354099, $137.80 off Essential G580: 59354100, $149.80 off Essential G480: 218422U, $353.80 off IdeaCentre A720: 25645CU, $349.80 off IdeaCentre A720: 25643CU, $325.80 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631CU, $289.80 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631BU, $269.80 off IdeaCentre B540p: 33631DU, $259.80 off IdeaCentre B540: 25682GU, $239.80 off IdeaCentre B540: 25682DU, $219.80 off IdeaCentre B540: 25681RU, $239.80 off IdeaCentre K430: 31092SU,$139.80 off IdeaCentre K430: 31092XU, $199.80 off Essential H520s: 57310721, $169.80 off Essential H520s: 57310722